Our Services
Epic Auto Detailing Gresham, OR

Our detailing process is flawless. We use a two bucket system hand wash Process. Our two bucket wash ensures a high-class vehicle cleaning while minimizing possible micro scratches. After a thorough pressure wash, we perform our foam bath process on your vehicle which allows excess dirt to loosen up. Then we utilize a two-bucket process to wash the vehicle thoroughly. One bucket is filled with soap and water, while another bucket has a grit guard that traps all the dirt and contaminants at the bottom of the bucket to prevent getting back on your cleaning instrument and on the clean paint. This process ensures an end-product that’s not only glossy but truly spotless!

In our Engine bay Cleaning, we will open your vehicle’s hood to treat the normally neglected areas. We use special degreasers and cleaners to break down grime and grease then we dress all engine plastic panels giving it that “new” look. We will also thoroughly clean all door and trunk jambs. A sealant is also used with our full and exterior services.

Deposits Are Non- Refundable
(Starting at $250)